An easier, and fully integrated way to create hi-quality photo collages

The design process of a Photo Collage Application to help, especially professional, (mostly self-employed) photographers who frequently struggle with technical issues when trying to make digital or printed collages to present their work (to clients or for self-promotion); to create simple, quick, and intuitive high quality collages and other products that use multiple images in a single file for different formats and outputs. A solution to help them create boards that tell a better story of their work.

This project was born out of the frustration of many of my friend photographers, and because I have identified myself with this problem, I decided to work in the creation of a solution.

  • Key Goal: Design a professional photo collage maker desktop app for professional photographers that is fully integrated into their current workflow and ecosystem.

  • Responsibilities: Research, information architecture, interface design.

  • Location: San Francisco, CA

  • Collaborations: Julieta Arias Photography, Ana Borden Photography


- Technical issues related to print or digital formats and outputs, image quality and the use of many different tools to achieve the task

- Time consuming. There’s a real need for quick and easier tools.

- The lack of a trusted service (trusted services like Adobe don’t offer the option, specific for photographers and collages)


- Explore the possibility of designing a stand-alone Web App, or to integrate it to Adobe Lightroom, the most recognized photo editor for professional photographers.


- Naturalistic observation and user interviews

- Competitive analysis
- Heuristic evaluation of existing products

- Contextual inquiry

- Usability testing



Denali National Park

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