About me

I am a resourceful, dedicated and professional UX designer and photographer in San Francisco. I create web and mobile products, specializing in information architecture and interaction design.

I design for people, build deep product understanding and ground my work in research.

I studied social science and humanities through my formal education, earning a degree in International Relations with a specialization in Marketing and a minor in Project development.

Following my graduation, I worked in Online Marketing in Education and Travel, and then as a professional Photographer and Designer. My career has taken me to several places worldwide, but mostly spanned Mexico City and San Francisco, where I have worked for Tech Companies, local businesses and other private clients, as a lead, as a team member, or as a business owner, always on creative and innovative projects.

My interest in Design and the Visual Arts goes back to childhood: for as far as I can remember, I was always engaged in creative activities such as drawing or photography classes. My experience in Photography and other creative work has formalized and strengthened this inclination and given me a broad understanding of the principles of Design.

I have strong natural empathy and have always been curious about people, their stories and their culture -- I believe this trait has influenced my work significantly and contributes to making my designs ring true.

In addition to my excellent planning and organizational skills, I also bring to the table a unique perspective, which stems from my international work experience.

I have a passion for traveling and exploring new places, I love inline skating (I just adore the sensation of freedom born out of moving on wheels), and I practice indoor climbing to overcome my fear of heights. I am also a big fan of tiny houses and the design challenges that come with them ā€“ One of my life goals is to one day design and build a tiny house.

Iā€™m ready to be part of an innovative and professional team and to collaborate in the creation of digital experiences.

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